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KeFU stay&lounge

880, kirinok-icho, senbonhigashi-agaru, itsutsuji-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8476

telephone 075.748.0456




Nishizin- where time passes slowly and remains its history and tradition. You see local living, new and old shops, historical sites and old buildings been years and years. "The usual" Kyoto scenery is here in Nishizin. KéFU will change "the usual" Kyoto scenery to make it to your unusual scenery.

A day at KéFU:

9 am

Drinking coffee and watching rays of light shining a courtyard.

When I am drinking a coffee at lounge in the morning, I see a large map of Kyoto on the wall. Rays of light are shining in a courtyard. It's such beautiful weather today. Why don't I go a little far from here to see the more scenic place.



Planning my schedule by reading books at the lounge.

It's already noon. I must be overslept. Am I that tired for travel? I sit on a sofa and glance the courtyard, it is raining quietly. I just remembered that there were interesting Kyoto books here. I make up my mind to spend my day reading books with snacks.


6 pm

Interacting with people at a shared kitchen.

I go to a share-kitchen and hear someone laughing. Other guests are talking about the public bath they went nearby here today. Luckily enough, I did not take a bath yet. I wonder where THAT good public bath is. Let me talk to them.


11 pm

Healing tiredness on a high quality bed.

At night, I am in the bad and thinking what to do for tomorrow. Whenever I go travel, my schedule is always packed. It is too difficult continuing to plan the schedule because the bed is too comfy. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Let's call it a day. Think nothing. This may be the ultimate luxury.


Your third time Kyoto:

What really KéFU offers you is "your our third time Kyoto." When you walk down on the streets, you hear sounds of weaving machine. The Nishijin district was used to be the one of entertainment quarters where a lot of play houses existed. Nishijin is now a town for successful for local textile industry.

When you surf the internet, the world is full of information. If you want to meet a different side of Kyoto, you'd better go to Nishijin for new that you cannot find on the internet. Every time you come, your information will be updated. Discover hidden culture at Nishijin. We also would like to create new culture with people who visit here.

Locals, craftsmen, farmers, and people walking around in the town. KéFU network is expanding rapidly in order to connect to you with those people you have never interact in your life.

You may have been to Kyoto several times. Precisely, you should go to Kyoto more in order to get into more different side of Kyoto.